The following poem was written by Madolyn Jamieson (Beth Jamieson Knowles' mom) on July 30, 1978, in honor of the Clearwater High School Class of 1968 10-year reunion.  See if it brings back memories for you.

It seems like it was just yesterday, friend,
When each of us firmly was bound
To daily routines that wouldn't end
As each school year slowly unwound;

But finally we reached the ultimate -
The year was nineteen sixty-eight,
Tho' our futures were not yet clearly cut,
At last we would all graduate.

The principal that year was Robert Glenn,
A gentle man with class and dash,
And the likes will never been seen again
Of our friend Adam Forinash;

The months we were seniors went quickly by
As we struggled to make the grade,
Our teachers we plotted to terrify
While they screamed, "We're underpaid!"

Remember Miss Henry and "big, fat Pat,"
The smile of the homecoming queen,
And Hi-Y, and Humphrey, the Democrat -
The joi de vivre of being eighteen;

We played Beatles records and protest tunes,
And "To Sir With Love," we adored,
We acted out Charlie Brown cartoons,
But at football we seldom scored.

The guys went wild over their white Levis,
And their English Leather cologne,
And they wore Bass Weejuns and narrow ties,
And shoulder-length hair was unknown;

The chic girls carried a John Romaine purse,
And were stuck with ladybug pins,
And they couldn't think of anything worse
Than a skirt that covered their shins.

We gathered for parties out on the beach,
Or we met at the Steak and Shake,
We studies history, English and speech
'Till our brains would tremble and quake;

Our wild "Star Specs" capers no one regrets,
Where each glass was drained to the dregs,
The football team made bets with usherettes -
As to who had the neatest legs!

As so with remembrance we look back
To the magic of high school days,
To the frolic and fun of Jill and Jack,
And the bumbling of our ways;

As we visit tonight and reminisce,
And compare times with now and then,
May friendship remain our peak emphasis -
Here's hoping we'll all meet again.