Final List of Reunion Attendees.

Thanks so much to all of you who paid early and to those special people who made donations to help support our activities.  You are especially appreciated!!

Adams, Bob (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Argeaux, Dan (Lynn Argeaux) (Friday Only)

Baker Hilleboe, Judi (Both Nights)(1)

Bash, Harris (Friday Only)

Baskovich Thomas, Diane (Terry Thomas) (Saturday Only)

Beebe, Craig (Saturday Only)

Beneke Miller-Johnson, Mary (Thomas Miller) (Saturday Only)

Bentz, Bob (Lisa Marie Bentz) (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Bergstrom Machanoff, Mary (Richard Machanoff) (Both Nights)(1)

Birchall, Suzann (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Bluder Aabdel-Hameed, Esther (Saturday Only)(1)

Brumfield, Scott (Both Nights)(1)

Buchanan, Bucky (Both Nights)(2)

Burr, Linda (Karen Chastain, Kris Bredburg) (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Burton, Doug (Rhonda Burton) (Both Nights)

Caldwell, James (Saturday Only)(1)

Carignan Buck, Judy (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Caswell Starek, Vicki (Both Nights)(1)

Colley Richard, Pat (Robert Richard) (Saturday Only)(1)

Crockett, Denny (Both Nights)(2)(3)

Davenport Houle, Pam (Both Nights)(2)(4)

Davis, Jeff (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Day Perkey, Patty (Dave Perkey) (Both Nights)(1)(2)(4)

DeFelix, David(1)(2)(3)

Disbrow Williams, Sue (Friday Only)

Dormer Schueler, Darlene (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Drain Dowd, Judy (Both Nights)(1)

Drain, Jim (Both Nights)(1)(2)(4)

Edelman Faimalie, Lynne (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Ehmig, Michael (Saturday Only)

Felty, Steve (Both Nights)(1)

Ferrazano, Phil (Evelyn Casey) (Saturday Only)

Fussell Winslow, Muriel (Bill Winslow) (Both Nights)(1)

Glass, Bill (Tina M. Marrelli) (Both Nights)(1)

Graves Keyser, Phyllis (Both Nights)(2)

Greiner, John (Susan Greiner) (Both Nights)(1)

Hackett Thomas, Joyce (Larry Thomas) (Both Nights)

Hair Guinand, Sandy (Tom Guinand) (Both Nights)

Hammock Robuck, Iris (Dan Robuck) (Both Nights)

Harris, Joanne (Both Nights)

Hawkins, Lonnie (Mary Lynne Hawkins) (Friday Only)

Haydon Bridges, Karen (Both Nights)(1)

Haynes, Gus (Michelle Haynes) (Both Nights)(1)

Heimlich Holler, Nancy (Barbara Heimlich) (Both Nights)(1)

Hilleboe, Charlie (Both Nights)(1)

Holmes Glass, Liz (Both Nights)

Hooper McClanahan, Jane (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Hooper, David (Both Nights)

Iding, John (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Irwin Boswell, Cheryl (Friday Only)

Jackson, David (Kathleen Jackson) (Both Nights)(2)

Jamieson Knowles, Beth (Bill Knowles) (Both Nights)(1)

Karaphillis Lelekis, Cappy (John Lelekis) (Friday Only)(1)

Keene Falana, Barbara(2)(3)

Kerwin Tendl, Ginger (Bill Tendl) (Friday Only)(2)

Lee, David (Both Nights)(1)

LeFleur, Greg (Marcia LeFleur) (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Leighton, Leroy (Maryann Korom) (Both Nights)

Leonard Douglas, Maggie(2)(3)

Lombard, Robert (Suzann Lombard) (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Lovitz, Irene (Both Nights)(2)

Loy, Joseph (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Lynn, Mary(2)

Marquardt, John (Marcia Johansson) (Both Nights)(1)

McMillen Trevino, Linda (Edward Trevino) (Saturday Only)

Meyer, Dave (Sue Meyer) (Both Nights)(1)

Milne Klasch, Victoria(1)(2)(3)

Moore Day, Donna (Saturday Only)(1)

Moore, Cary (Richard Kristensen) (Both Nights)(1)(2)(3)

Moran, Shelagh (Gib Duterroil) (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Moran, Shelley (Adam Stock) (Both Nights)(1)

Norman Bivins, Nancy (Both Nights)

North Schmidt, Candy (Friday Only)

Northcutt Rimer, Marsha (Friday Only)

Payette, Reg (Diane Payette)(1)(2)(3)

Phillips Bohnker, Jackie (Bruce Bohnker) (Saturday Only)(1)

Phillips, Craig (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Rabin, Tom (Both Nights)

Register, Nancy (Saturday Only)

Scarfone, Roy (Karen Scarfone) (Both Nights)(1)

Schacht Rice, Jean (Tom Riordan) (Both Nights)(1)

Schaefer Lindstrom, Chris (Richard Ives, Zoe Lindstrom-Ives) (Both Nights)(1)

Sever, Jim (Both Nights)(1)

Shank Estes, Linda (Ralph Estes) (Saturday Only)

Shields Harlan, Susan (Saturday Only)(1)

Silverman Harr, Ruth (Both Nights)(1)

Sims, Fred (Pat Sims) (Saturday Only)(1)(2)

Singer McCutcheon, Jerilyn (Friday Only)

Sliz, Deborah (Both Nights)(2)

Sliz, Jeff (Maria Sliz) (Both Nights)(2)

Smith Casey, Janet (Both Nights)

Smith Kennedy, Debbie (Tim Kennedy) (Saturday Only)(1)

Smith, Jim (Kandy Krafsig Smith) (Both Nights)

Smoak, Henry (Kerri Smoak) (Friday Only)(2)

Stinnette, Kathy (Both Nights)

Stone, Bill (Gerry Stone) (Both Nights)(1)

Stortenbecker, Bryan (Sandy Stortenbecker) (Both Nights)(1)

Strickland Shingleton, Sharon (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Strickler, Linn (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Stuart, Rick (Linda Stuart) (Both Nights)(1)

Taylor, John (Saturday Only)

Thacker Moore, Pam (Friday Only)

Thomas, Joseph (Babs Thomas) (Both Nights)

Via Holland, Mary Ann (Carl Holland) (Saturday Only)

Waddell Frick, Karen (Paul Frick) (Saturday Only)

Watson, Thomas (Jim Hydrick) (Both Nights)(2)(4)

Weatherilt, Allen (Kathy Weatherilt) (Both Nights)(2)(4)

Webster, Beth (Saturday Only)

Wehinger, Jay (Susie Kirby) (Both Nights)(1)

Weidman Caldwell, Carolyn (Saturday Only)(1)

Whitehurst, Jeff (Friday Only)(2)

Whitehurst, Kris (Ann Stewart) (Both Nights)(1)(4)

Whitt, Chuck (Both Nights)(1)

Williams Miller, Karen (Gordon Miller) (Both Nights)(1)

Wilson, Steve (Kathy Wilson) (Saturday Only)(1)

Winton, Jim (Anne Winton) (Saturday Only)

Wollett, Frank (Tricia Wollett) (Both Nights)(1)

Wollett, Fred (Nancy Wollett) (Both Nights)

Worth Taylor, Jeannette (Saturday Only)

Zeigler, Gary (Jan Zeigler) (Both Nights)(1)(2)

Zody, Gary (Nita Tita Zody) (Both Nights)

(1)Paid Early!! Thanks so much. The Committee members REALLY appreciate it, as we would have had to make the payments from our own pockets!!

(2)Made a GENEROUS donation to help keep us afloat!! Thank you so much. Definitely made our jobs easier.

(3)Made a VERY GENEROUS donation!! Special thanks. You're wonderful!

(4)Committee meember. Thanks for your time and making things that much easier!!